3 architects, 3 partners, one way of thinking Architecture...


3 architects, 3 partners, one way of thinking architecture

IAD (Independent Architectural Diplomacy) is one of the emerging players in the new International architecture scene. With Offices in Madrid and Paris, the studio led by Stéphane Cottrell, Jérôme Michelangeli and Rafael Sá produces an architecture based on ergonomics, functionality and context has been internationally recognized with a large number of prestigious international awards and mentions:

40 under 40:
In 2008 IAD was chosen among the 40 best European architects under the age of 40 by the European Centre for Architecture & Urban Studies.

International Architecture Award 2009:
Award given by the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for the best international projects of the year, in this case for the Madrid Design Centre. At the prize ceremonies held in Florence, IAD were keynote speakers at the ´City and the World´ Architectural Symposium.

World Architecture News:
Commercial Awards 2009 / Education Awards 2010 / civic Buildings Awards 2010:
IAD has collected several long and short list mentions from the world's leading architectural website with a monthly viewer base of almost 11 million. Awarded and mentioned projects include the VillaModa Frame Hotel in Dubai, the Tripoli University Campus, the Seville City-Gates Stadium and the Administrative Courthouses of Madrid.

Architectural Review MIPIM Future Awards 2010:
Highly commended in the Mixed Use category for the VillaModa Frame Hotel project in Dubai.

International Architecture Award 2010:
Yet another Chicago Athenaeum award for their green refurbishment of an office tower on the Castellana Boulevard in Madrid. IAD acted as host at the prize ceremonies which took place at the Madrid Architect's Association.

This precise architectural laboratory is a diverse team composed of young, multicultural, outstanding professionals and dedicated almost exclusively to large scale projects in the areas of education and master-planning, air transport and infrastructures, hotels and offices.


"We don’t invent words, each day we learn a new one.
That is how we compose our architecture, expressed on a larger scale."


´We don´t invent words, each day we learn a new one.That is how we compose our architecture, expressed on a larger scale.´

IAD interprets architecture as the substance of its own language, because only in language is there knowledge. IAD is always ready to speculate, analyze, and reflect on their architectural pieces (yes, this is a most French legacy), always sowing the field of our opinions with three seeds: ergonomics, functionality and context. Ergonomics: the idea of the adapted object, according to its function, Functionality: because the program is not just a two dimensional sheet of paper, Context: because of the pedagogical inheritance of our Architectural school, as free as it is visual.

´Throughout our journey, we’ve learned to be economic with our words, in order to achieve the purest lines possible.It is true that in order for the project to follow the idea it needs technology or innovation, but always with the intention of making the project more natural, more legible.´

Unpolluted in their dealings with clients, IAD goes out of its way in offering all its constructive knowledge while not getting carried away by the difficulty of the subject. The determining factor is the capacity of the individual to locate himself in his own time, knowing enough to be able to move ahead of it. This is how one can imagine IAD’s team, around a table, debating and reaching agreements on the best architectural form for a particular place in the world.

IAD is currently designing buildings throughout Europe, North America and Africa.


  • 2013 Bucharest Arena International Competition / Bucharest_Romania | Shortlisted
  • 2013 University of Manitoba (re)Visionnary International Competition / Winnipeg_Canada | 4º prize
  • 2012 ZAC Croix Blanche Retail Park Restricted Competition / Ste Genevieve des Bois_France | 1º prize
  • 2012 2015 Pan African Games Masterplan International Competition | Brazzaville_Republic of Congo | Shortlisted
  • 2012 NYC Superskyscraper International Competition / NYC_USA | Jury Special Mention
  • 2012 COLAS Headquarters Restricted Competition / Issy les Moulineaux_France | 1º prize
  • 2011 Ilot VALMY Restricted Competition / La Defense Seine-Arche, Paris_France | 1º prize
  • 2011 NISM Campus Masterplan International Competition / Mumbai_India | Shortlisted
  • 2011 Babel & Kerbala Football Stadiums Competition / Republic of Iraq | 1º prize
  • 2010 WAN Educational Awards / Project 7th of April University Campus | Longlisted
  • 2010 Castellana 36-38 / Madrid_Spain | 2010 International Architecture Award
  • 2010 MIPIM Future Projects Awards / The Frame Hotel | Highly Commended
  • 2009 WAN 2010 Commercial Awards / The Frame Hotel | Shortlisted
  • 2009 Tripoli University Campus / Restricted Competition | Winner
  • 2009 Madrid Design Centre / Madrid_Spain | 2009 International Architecture Award
  • 2008 EUROPE 40 / 40 Emergent Architects | Award Winners
  • 2008 Madrid Design Centre Competition / Madrid_Spain | Shortlisted / 1º prize
  • 2008 Al Daicel Mixed-Use Building Competition / Doha_Qatar | Shortlisted
  • 2008 Al Mana Headquarters Building Competition / Doha_Qatar | Shortlisted
  • 2008 Hellin Sports and Cultural Community Centre Competition_Spain | 2º prize
  • 2008 Music Box Concert Hall competition / Madrid_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2008 Dubai VillaModa High-Rise Hotel Competition / UAE Shortlisted | 2º prize
  • 2008 22@ Coperfil HQ Entrance Competition / Barcelona_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2007 Reus Auditorium Competition / Reus_Spain | Shortlisted / 2º prize
  • 2007 LMII Business Park Competition | Shortlisted / 1º prize
  • 2007 Motorcity Communication & Signal Tower / Alcaniz_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2007 United High-Rise Hotel Competition / Riyadh_KSA | Shortlisted
  • 2007 Masterplan Study for the entrance of Toledo / Spain | Shortlisted
  • 2007 United Office Building Development / Jeddah_KSA | 3º prize
  • 2007 Alcalá de Guadaíra Football Stadium Competition / Sevilla_Spain | 3º prize
  • 2007 Urban Macroblock Competition / Balearic Islands_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2006 United Tower Office Building International Competition_KSA | 1º prize
  • 2006 IBIZA Airport Refurbishment Competition / Balearic Islands_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2004 AECC Best National Shopping Mall Renovation Award / Porto Pi / Mallorca_Spain | Shortlisted
  • 2004 Service Areas & Restaurants Competition for the BSCH Financial City / Madrid_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2003 LE MERIDIEN Hotel Tower Competition / Forum 2004 / Barcelona_Spain | 1º prize
  • 2001 Miramar Hotel Competition / Barcelona_Spain | 2º prize
  • 2000 AECC Best National Shopping Mall Renovation Award_Spain | Winners
  • 1999 New Oslo Opera House International Competition_Norway | Jury Mention
  • 1997 Takiron International Design Competition / Tokyo_Japan | Special Mention
  • 1995 BETON Competition_An Occupied Bridge for Le Grand Stade | Jury Mention
  • 1994 CFE National Competition_Suburban Town Hall | 4º prize
  • 1994 Forum Butagaz European Competition_Survival Module for the Homeless | 1º prize
  • 1993 ZINC Vieille Montagne National Competition_Social Housing | 2º prize